CISAL promoted a series of strategies for local governments to work hand in hand with public, private, and community institutions.

The Technical Table for the Development of Chumbivilcas was established as a space for dialogue between the national government, its ministries, the mining companies of the region, and other local and regional institutions. The goal was to search for joint solutions to the development of the region. As a result, in 2018, the national government agencies committed 166 million soles (PEN) to implement 32 projects in agricultural, education, housing, and transportation.

Each LG updated their Concerted Development Plans (CDP) with the support of CISAL. Following the local elections in 2018, commissions were established to support the transparent transition between the outgoing and incoming LGs. The new authorities of the provincial municipality of Chumbivilcas and the district municipality of QuiƱota are both now using the CDPs of the previous governments in their own participatory budgeting processes and are identifying projects in line with these plans.

The participatory process to develop local economic development plans was successful in engaging and empowering citizens. As a result, there are four Local Economic Development Plans (LED Plans) that are recognized as public policy, that reflect the priorities of the community, and are used as management tools for economic development. The LED plans have also been used to guide participatory budgeting processes and have been handed over to the new local government authorities as part of the transition process.

To facilitate the implementation, monitoring, and promotion of the LED Plans, each municipality has created a Technical Roundtable that includes actors from the public, private, community and associations. A regional Technical Table of Local Economic Development was also created to bring together the eight district municipalities in the province of Chumbivilcas, as well as the representatives of producers and entrepreneurs from the region.