Main Results in Ancash:

  • A REGIONAL VISION TO LOCAL PROBLEMS: Ancash has addressed challenges such as solid waste management and water management thinking regionally. Learn about the process and the main results of addressing local problems regionally. Read more.

  • PROMOTION OF LOCAL ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: In four municipalities the creation of a Local Economic Development Plan has been promoted that serves as a road map to undertake actions for inclusive and sustainable development. Learn how the local government has promoted value chains and opportunities to the communities in your region. Read more.

Ancash has a distinct geography that is nearly unique in the world: it has 26 of the 34 existing types of climate, 83% of all the types of ecosystems, and two contrasting mountain ranges – the water-scarce Cordillera Negra and the Cordillera Blanca with over 260 lagoons and 42 rivers. The main economic activity of the region is mining.

CISAL has partnered with municipalities in two mining corridors of Ancash. The three municipalities of Independencia, Jangas, and Tarica are in the area of influence of the Barrick Pierina gold mine, which announced the beginning of its closure plan in 2013. In recent years, the municipalities were receiving significant amount of funding in their municipal budgets through the mining royalties system, the canon minero. The closure of the mine has generated the need to find alternative sources and to diversify the economy of the region.

The second mining corridor is around the Antamina copper and zinc mine. CISAL works with the municipalities of Antonio Raymondi Raqui and Cajacay, located in the watershed of the Fortaleza River where the company’s 302km pipeline passes through. The mountainous region faces challenges of water scarcity and the municipalities lack adequate tools for planning and engaging with the company.

Municipalities we work with:





Antonio Raymondi – Raquia

“Development is growth with justice and equity. In Peru, there was economic growth but not development”

Corpus Urbano Castillo, President of the Agrarian Peasant League in Ancash