The department of Antioquia is located northwest of Colombia; around 6.5 million people live there, in a total of 125 municipalities. It comprises nine sub-regions and is the largest producer of coffee and bananas in the country. This is a factor that describes the variety of landscapes and customs of Antioquia.

The CISAL program works in the west region; this territory is part of the protected areas of the Cauca River waterfront, the high Andean forests of the central northwestern Antioquia area and the areas prioritized for their biodiversity.

The main product of Antioquia mining is gold and, to a lesser extent, silver, platinum, coal and building materials. The Western region is traditionally a gold producing area, and mining is an activity accepted by the community. There are high levels of informality and illegality, but there is also the presence of formal mining companies.

The CISAL program works with:

i) The municipalities of Buriticá (direct influence) and Cañasgordas, agrarian municipalities located to the west of the department, neighbours to Santa Fé de Antioquia, former agricultural and mining center. There the company Continental Gold is finishing the exploration (adit gold).

Municipalities with which CISAL works:


Cañasgordas and Santa Fé de Antioquia

“We need to create links and opportunities in our mining communities together with the governments and companies; links that lead to the opening and development of our communities. ”

María Lucelly Higuita, Buriticá leader, Antioquia