Christopher Yeomans Program Director FCMI - CISAL
Suzanne BelliveauProgram Manager
Paula LópezProgram Manager in Colombia & Enviornmental and Inclusion Specialist
Carlos Grey Senior Specialist of Local Economic Development
César Bedoya Senior Specialist on Governance
Lilly Castañeda Finance and Operations Manager
Jorge Luis PuertaRegional Coordinator in Ancash, Peru
Sara Pérez Regional Coordinator in Antioquia, Colombia
Eberth Molina Regional Coordinator in Cusco, Peru
Liliana Alvarado Regional Coordinator in La Guajira, Colombia
Alejandro Ariza Buitrago Knowledge and Communications Officer
Marylin Pachón Senior Accountant in Colombia
Tatiana ZárateProgram and Finance Assistant in Colombia
David Exebio F.Senior Accountant in Peru
Greicy Fiorella PaucarFinancial and Administrative Assistant
Gabriela del Rosario Gastulo Program Assistant
Lidice Hidalgo Program Assistant in Canada