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The priority for the LED strategy has been the strengthening of the local economic development offices of 17 municipalities in Colombia and Peru . Learn about the latest developments of the project in this Newsletter DEL – October 2018.

The International Forum on LED, Sustainability and Minig held in Peru was the opportunity to promote the role of the municipalities in the economic and social dynamics in mining context. Read about the event.

The primary role of local governments is to lead and promote the comprehensive development in their territories, in economic, social, cultural and environmental aspects, in order to improve the quality of life of their communities.

However, in areas of mining influence in Colombia and Peru, the need to strengthen municipal institutions and local governance to initiate sustainable development processes is crucial. Typically, where there is mining presence, the economic dynamics is disjointed and individualized among key local stakeholders: the State, companies, producers and communities.

Despite the significant investment from the mining royalties, investments have been fragmented and showing little impact at the time of energizing local economies and reducing poverty of the groups of people living under vulnerable conditions.

Therefore, CISAL’s strategy of Local Economic Development seeks to:

• Create a shared vision of local economic development in mining areas of influence that articulates private investment (corporate social responsibility) to public investment, optimizing the use of resources from the mining sector. This will provide greater economic opportunities for communities and energize local economies.

•  Incorporate and promote inclusive businesses and local entrepreneurship.