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In Cusco, Peru, hundreds of women and men built the Political Agenda for Women in Chumbivilcas, the road map to build a more inclusive region with equal opportunities for women and men. Read more.

In Colombia, CISAL has worked with local governments to strengthen their accountability and transparency. Learn how partnerships with the best universities in the region have managed to provide better tools to municipalities. Read the news.

In Colombia in the early nineties, and in Peru at the beginning of the 2000s, a series of normative and institutional innovations were enforced that made local governments in both countries to acquire more important and strategic roles. However, decentralization has been a challenge for both countries, not only in delivering services effectively, but also in promoting development in their territories and build a regional strategic vision of their territories.

The matter is more complex when local governments must coexist with the presence of extractive activity, having to face the challenges that such presence implies in both positive and negative terms.

Through the CISAL program, we seek to strengthen the capacity of participatory planning, accountability and transparent management of local governments in areas of mining influence in Colombia and Peru, in order that they can positively leverage the benefits and impacts of mining in their municipalities.