Cusco: Promoting Economic Development and Inclusion

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The implementation of the CISAL Fund, the participatory construction of the LED Plans, and the articulation with provincial, regional, and local institutions have transformed the way local governments promote local economic development in Chumbivilcas. [...]

Cusco: Empowerment of Women In Decision-Making Spaces

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Historically, Chumbivilcan women have been excluded from participating in the political, social, and economic processes of the region. However, in the last five years, Chumbivilcan women have gained space in both social and political spheres [...]

Cusco: Participatory Planning Leads To Sustainable Development

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CISAL promoted a series of strategies for local governments to work hand in hand with public, private, and community institutions. The Technical Table for the Development of Chumbivilcas was established as a space for dialogue [...]

Ancash: Local Economic Development

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In four municipalities, Roundtables for Economic Development (Indepedencia, Raquia, Jangas, and Tarica) have been created. The roundtables serve to promote LED and lead the implementation of the 2017-2026 LED plans in each municipality. For [...]

Ancash: Regional vision for local challenges

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Latin America has the most urbanized cities in the world. According to United Nations reports, 81% of the population lives in cities. Within this context, one of the main challenges for local governments in Latin [...]

La Guajira: Better capacities for all

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CISAL offered a series of courses on governance, leadership, local economic development and other topics delivered by the University of La Guajira and the EAN University. Additional technical assistance on transparency, inclusion, and strategic planning [...]

La Guajira: Improving opportunities for communities, indigenous, women and youth

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Local Economic Development in La Guajira Three of the partner municipalities of CISAL have adopted their Local Economic Development (LED) plan as public policy, which has provided a road map for local governments to [...]

La Guajira: Dialogue spaces for local governance

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Dialogue spaces for local governance Despite the important contribution of the Cerrejon mine to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Colombia in over more than 40 years that the mining company has been in [...]

Antioquia: Enhanced capacity in governance and development

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How have municipalities and communities improved their capacities for local management? After several courses with the University of Antioquia and a series of technical assistance missions with Canadian experts, municipalities innovated their accountability practices: Buritica [...]

Antioquia: Local Economic Development for Everyone

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The LED Steering Committees, led by the UMATA (Municipal Agricultural Technical Assistance Units), are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the plan. One of the most important achievements to date is that they have [...]