October 2017

A delegation of mayors, representatives of local governments and the mining company from Antioquia, Colombia, traveled to Red Lake, Ontario, to share experiences and good practices in participatory development planning and in managing relationships between local governments and mining companies.

This exchange is part of the relationship and cooperation agreement for development that was signed between Red Lake, ON, and the local governments of Antioquia: Buritica, Canasgordas, Frontino and Santa Fe de Antioquia.

During the Study Tour to Red Lake, Mayor Phil Vinet had the staff, the tools and the time to facilitate this learning process, that beyond the technical achievements, allows reflections on local public management, leadership and integral development of the human beings who are part of a local economic and social processes.

Some of the good practices identified by the delegation in the Study Tour in the relationship between the municipality and the mining company and in the detailed planning process of economic, social and environmental development are:

– Local government leadership in development planning and sustainability processes through the Community Sustainability Plan

– Formulation and participatory implementation of the Community Sustainability Plan: this long-term planning instrument allows a strategic projection of the needs and opportunities of the community to make the municipality sustainable beyond the mining activity, maintaining the standard of quality of life in the long term.

– Coordinated work between the municipal council and the mayor’s office

Some of the good practices that the delegation seek to implement in the region of Antioquia are:

  • Local governments as territorial leaders can promote an effective relationship with the municipal council, the mining company, the departmental government, community and sectoral organizations, investors in the region and those investors who want to settle in the region, in order to achieve participation and commitment in the development processes

  • Long-term planning: to promote the implementation of the Local Economic Development Plans that were carried out with the support of the CISAL program and which have been constructed as medium-term instruments that allow the generation of planning-execution discipline, in a concerted, participatory manner.

  • Promote the development of tourism as an activity that has the potential to grow and articulate with other sectors of the economy.

  • Joint work among municipalities, to promote regional development, allowing the definition of a specific agenda for the management of shared interests and political incidence.